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Does Your Hair & Skin Tone Define You?

Posted on November 8, 2011 at 8:32 PM Comments comments (169)
Society has long imparted and influenced the standards which we deem acceptable. 

This has extended itself to how we value our appearance and learn to appreciate it. The texture and length of our hair, the colour and richness of our skin tone; are some of the standards by which we define ourselves.  

As a people this has resulted in us forgetting how regal we are and what our personal values and beliefs are.

NOT ALL of us will, despite everything to the contrary, have long, flowing locks...just as everyone cannot be tall with flawless skin, have an I.Q. of 350, be able to calculate 6 digits in our heads, or negotiate the English language on a grand scale. 

We’re ALL different.

The Face Palette's question to you is, are you subconsciously letting your hair, regardless 
of it’s texture and length, or the richness and tone of your skin define how you view you? 

Makeup - The Decoy or Artistic Expression

Posted on October 21, 2011 at 4:34 PM Comments comments (127)
The debate is long-standing as to whether or not women should wear make-up or just to let their natural beauty palette speak for itself.
The Face Palette beauty The school of tradition argues that all women have been created in the image of God, so there is no need for any enhancers to this image. They also argue that women who wear makeup take it too far by pasting and caking their faces thereby hiding their 'true' beauty.
It is also often expressed that women who place a value on makeup suffer from low-self esteem and in a bid to hide this cover it up with makeup.
The Face Palette makeup The school of modern thought however, view women who wear makeup as liberal, independent and artistic.
They do not see it as a decoy to hiding low-self worth but as a vehicle for women to enhance their imageand beauty.
Modernists argue that it is these women who know the true meaning of 'beauty' as they are able to identify their beauty enough to want to enhance it and culture it.
The Face Palette wants to know if Makeup is - A decoy or vehicle of artistic expression -What is your take??