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This page will focus on giving feedback to you our visitors on queries that you may have. Please visit our contact us page to log these queries and questions.

Nicola S


I have no clue how to enhance my beauty without make-up and I hate make up

The Face Palette:

I really appreciate your question Nicola S The Face Palette not only seeks to be a vehicle

of expression for women who wear makeup but also for those who don't.

In your instance I would encourage you to cleanse your palette daily with your facial scrub.

After which, apply your chosen moisturizer (with spf to prevent sunburn

and provide added nourishment and moisture for the skin).

Also choose a moisturizer that is suitable

for your skin type.

Apply your lip gloss or lip colour and your good to go!

Add Tip: You can also try our home masks for added nuturing and nourishment to your palette.

Good Luck !!!!

Tracey-Ann A


I have eczema. What kind of makeup should I use?

The Face Palette:

Tracey-Ann A I too have eczema so I use products that are hypoallegrnic

or ones that are listed as being good for sensitive skin.

Also look for creams, oils, lotions, sunscreens and cosmetics that are listed as being

noncomedogenic or non-occlusive.

These products do not clog or block the pores making them perfecct to

use for your sensitive skin.

Noncomedogenic products also contain less harsh ingredients than products

that are not labeled as such.

Good Luck !!!!