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Daily Facial Cleansing Regimen

The Face Palette knows that your daily facial cleansing regimen does not have to be rigorous and a 'OMG I cannot be bothered' task. Rather it should flow as part of your daily routine-just like brushing your teeth and applying makeup!

This pic shows the skin palette

So here's a glimpse of what The Face Palette daily facial cleansing routine is like. There are other examples of how you can cleanse your skin daily just visit google!

1. Use St. Ives Makeup Remover and Cleanser to remove any trace of makeup, dirt and grease from my skin surface.

2. Next The Face Palette uses St. Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub - I have eczema so I find that this product works well for my skin. Its gentle and mild for my sensitive skin.

3. Ensure that you pat dry your face with a face rag or towel

4. Apply your moisturizer - it is essential to ensure that your moisturizer has in sunscreen to protect your skin for the day while nourishing and repairing your skin. The Face Palette uses Clean and Clears' Oil-free Morning Glow Moisturizer.

5. Allow your moisturizer to dry and apply your concealer/foundation! If your not for makeup, just apply your moisturizer

Five easy steps to get your face looking luciuos and vibrant for the day from The Face Palette!!!

View the videos below...they give different perspectives on how to cleanse your facial palette...ENJOY!!!

Facial Cleansing Method With Water

Cleansing The Face Palette 

Facial Cleansing Method Without Water

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The Face Palette Extensive Palette cleanse


Apply a toner after cleansing. Designed to remove leftover makeup or oil residues it tones and prepares the skin for a moisturizer. Toners also prepare your skin for your moisturizer and makeup.


Use an exfoiliating cream at least one every week. This removes dead cells and unclog pores while removing remaining makeup from the palette.

Facial Steam

After exfoiliating treat the facial palette pores to a deep cleanse about two to three times a month with a steam bath.While helping to stimulate circulation it leaves you with a healthy, clear and beautiful palette.


Treat the palette to a face and neck mask a few times a month to help to invigorate and stimulate the skin.

Face Oils Method

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